Looking back, after the fact… things kinda sucked. I was in need… I wanted what I wanted, but a little self-control goes a long way.

“So what are you going to do?”

I was in a fog and forgot Layla was sitting next to me, until she spoke up. We’re barely acquaintances, so I wasn’t about to bare my soul to her.

“I don’t know,” was my honest answer.

“You don’t have much time.”

Her unsolicited opinion made me give her a sharp look. I don’t know why she was rushing me to make a decision.

“Can I focus with…

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Dana is exhausted. Her back and neck ached, and her right foot felt numb. Driving nonstop for six hours on an endless, dark road is tough. This spontaneous road trip was thought through with careful detail. As careful as ten minutes notice could be. She saw her chance to leave, so she took it without hesitation.

Dana knew a trip of this magnitude would be difficult, to say the least, but the surmounting issues were taxing. She’s sweating from every pore in her body. Her underarms smell like onions. Her breath tastes like rotten eggs. Her crotch area smells…unpleasant. It…

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Becca’s face freezes and loses color. She drops a knife and looks at her bloody hand as it shakes uncontrollably. Her eyes widen and stare at her seemingly possessed fingers.


The moan snaps Becca from her panicky state. She looks down at Heath on the floor. Heath is looking up at Becca, his eyes begging for help. His stab wound to the chest left him unable to speak. Becca watches Heath go pale, her body frozen in place. She sees his blood pouring from the wound in his large round frame, onto the carpet, as the life leave his…

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I walked into my mother’s house. From the doorway, the smell of apple pie lingered in the air, reminding me of better times as a child. My mom wasn’t always the best, but some of her transgressions were forgiven with a slice of apple pie.

I looked over at the mantel, flooded with pictures of me in my pre-pubescent years. Smiling faces of younger years, masking the reality of the present. At least my mother didn’t forget me, and loved me despite our differences. …

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Don’t tell anyone,

I’m in love with him.

It’s a secret…

Did you hear me?

I told you a secret.

Why are you ignoring me?

I can’t keep this to myself.

Help me! You’re the smart one.

It’s been happening for while.

I needed to let you know.

I thought I could tell you, because I know you won’t tell him.

But you should tell her…

She seems confused… doing strange stuff.

She smells clothes he left.

She reads his text messages over and over.

She smiles thinking about him.

I thought you could help me break the news

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I was driving home and all of a sudden, I found myself struggling to breathe and feeling jittery. I could not find a logical reason why at first. Moments like that happened to me often. It would matter if I were in the middle of some stressful task, or doing nothing at all. As I noticed my heart beating strong enough to be felt in my fingertips, I breathed deeply, and tried to think of the source of my anxiety, so I can reassure myself that whatever it was, I could handle it.

Through the years, I sought help from…

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

I opened my eyes and realized I wasn’t in my own bed. My senses flooded with recollections of the night before, and I felt a rush nausea. I sat straight up in bed and that movement awakened my companion.

“Hey… you okay?” He seemed genuinely concerned.

“Where’s your bathroom?” I couldn’t meet his gaze, so I eyed around the room for my dress. It lay balled up on the floor.

“It’s out the door, second room to the right.” His bare arm outstretched as a guide assisting his words.

I put my dress on, hurried to the bathroom and closed…

Hannah Erica

I’m just here for you entertainment…

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